The “Scrappy Mamma” is scrappy in more ways than one.

A mother of 4, I am often asked “How do you do it?” … Well, the answer is not a complex one. I just do. I manage to fit in 80 hour working weeks, owning a business, studying a double Masters degree at University, 4 kids, a home and a husband (who is also studying) … my parenting and life juggling levels are expert, but it’s not perfect.

The goal of my blog is two-fold…. first, I want to share my Mummy experiences because I know that all of us out there want to see how the other half lives. I want to show that it’s possible to have a messy home and hopeless garden while still enjoying time with your happy kids and doing things both for them and for yourself.  I’m an OCD Mum who struggles day to day with being disorganised and it’s a feeling many of us share.

And secondly, I wanted to create a place where beginner scrapbookers (and other crafty Mums) can see beginner level creations – every time I look in a craft magazine I see expensive products and professional looking creations that I could never achieve with my level of skill. I love sitting down to a craft table, but I don’t pretend I’m the expert artistic type.  My pages and projects are not WOW, but they are fun and they are personal, and they are special.

So I’m sharing my family story through my crafts, and along the way maybe using craft and photography to create a discussion about mummy topics, craft skills and supplies, photographing kids, parenting thoughts, inspirational quotes, and general life hacks.

Want more on ME?  Ok, well despite everything that goes on in my world, my husband and kids are the absolute centre of my universe.  I’ll go to the ends of the earth to do something special for those I love …. I’m a sweet tooth who happens to (currently) own a bakery, but I’ve also been a lawyer and an online crafts store owner and book keeper.  I live in a sunny part of tropical northern Australia with beach, rainforest, bush, wetlands, reef and more right on our doorstep but with family in Norway where we LOVE to visit.  I love to share – whether it’s a thought or the contents of my wallet.  I start my Christmas shopping every January.  I love to run and exercise, although I rarely get the chance with 4 kids (and the rest) in tow.  Other loves are champagne, my Samsung tablet, my camera, learning, singing loudly when I’m alone in my car, hot showers, mangoes, travelling, custard, crime TV shows, occasional silly outbursts and going out for dinner.




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