Pocket Pages Scrapbooking: My First Album, Part 1

This blog of mine is still very new, but already I’ve spoken a few times about my love for this “new” pocket pages style of scrapbooking.  It is amazingly easy, but still very enjoyable and particularly satisfying for those of us who are strapped for time.  It is possible to complete an entire album like this one in just a few hours.  Simple Stories actually calls it “Snapbooking” !!

This is my first pocket pages album.  I have divided it over a few blog posts so that I can include numerous pictures for each ‘chapter’.  It will become apparent over just these first few blog posts that I have already learned quite a lot about this style of scrapbooking in the space of a few projects.

There are many ways to use pocket pages.  Some people use it like a yearly planner, or date book.  Others do albums on a monthly basis.  Some people use large 12×12″ albums and others, like myself, have stuck with the smaller 6×8″ size (at least for my first few projects – it’s a great way to learn the ropes on a smaller scale).  You can dedicate an entire album to a specific subject, or child, or event, or holiday.  Or they can just be random.

For my first album, I chose to feature photos from our various family activities and adventures.  No matter how busy we get, I have always been the driving force in our family behind “family time”.  Whether it’s popping out for ice cream at the beach after dinner …. or a quick trip to the park …. or a beach bonfire with friends …. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, or that you spend half an hour or six hours doing it.  Family time together is our golden time.

As shown in the first two photos at the top of this post, the initial chapter in my first pocket pages album has some photos from our family walks to the local park.

The album I’ve used is a 6×8″ Simple Stories Sn@p Binder in Green.  These binders come with a selection of 8 hole-punched cardstock divider inserts inside, 3 kraft cardstock dividers, and also 10 pocket pages.  So they’re a bargain buy!

This first photo shows the kraft divider I’ve used as the Title Page …. “Family Walks to the Park”.  Then the cover page is one of the cardstock design inserts.  These pages feature the following:

The Kaisercraft Fine & Sunny Collection features throughout this chapter …. as well as pieces from the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection and their sticker sheet sets.


This is the first page in the chapter.  I used my photo corner rounders on the pictures to match the pre-cut 3×4″ heart cutout from the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine Collection.  Behind it is just a basic pre-cut 3×4″ cardstock piece from Becky Higgins Project Life.  The flowers are a generic brand and the stickers are Simple Stories.

On these next pages, I used a few different sticker products.  Some of them are stuck to the photos, and others are stuck to the outside of the pocket pages.  I tend to find it is better to use stickers on the outside of the pockets if they are “bulky” and not flat.  Here I’ve used a generic foil gecko sticker, generic felt flowers, Simple Stories circle stickers and a washi tape sticker that I’ve written on.  In between the pages I used a Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection sunburst cutout.


The first chapter was a short one – just a few pages.  This is the last page … A Me & My Big Ideas Pocket Pages “Happiness is This” collection 4×6″ card which I’ve stamped “Treasure these Memories” onto.  And one of my favourite photos of my two boys.  I didn’t embellish the page any further.

The second half of this chapter featured photos from another trip to the park a few weeks later.  The cover page is another of the cardstock dividers that came with the Simple Stories binder and I used the same chalk shading on the Becky Higgins Project Life lined 3×4″ card (just in different colours).  I also used another Pearl Pen from Viva Decor, but this one was silver.  The pearls initially showed up perfectly, but I managed to smudge them by moving the page too soon after making them.  Lesson learned there.




As always, I am fairly minimalist in my approach to scrapbooking, but it works really well with the pocket pages.  This spread features one of my favourite ever photos of my kids.  My eldest, Sam, looking like such a rugged little boy playing outside – scruffy hair, cut on his chin & all.  I didn’t even give the pictures rounded edges in this chapter.  I kept them square.  For this page I’ve just used a leftover piece of yellow polka dot paper and stuck two 4×6″ photos on it slightly askew.  In this chapter I used letter stickers to put the names of all my kids across the pages.

I got a fair few photos this particular day, so there are a few two-page spreads in this chapter.  I used a few papers from a “Die Cuts with a View” 8×8″ paper pad which I think was called “Animal Crackers”.  It’s an example of the way this style of scrapbooking allows you to use just about anything you have in your collection in coordination together.


Pre-cut 2×2″ square pieces from the “Good Day Sunshine” collection from Simple Stories


More pre-cut pieces from the Simple Stories “Good Day Sunshine” collection in 2×2″ size and some stickers
This page features 3×4″ size pre-cut pieces from the Me & My Big Ideas “Happiness is This” pack.  I loved the foil finish, it brought life and interest to my pages.  When choosing your colours, try to take a prominent colour from your photos and go with that – it will coordinate well and make your photos stand out.  For this particular album chapter, I wanted bright colours everywhere!


This page features Die Cuts with a View “Animal Crackers” pages – the monkeys matched my playground theme perfectly!
Parenting Level: Expert!  Hands-free baby feeding gave us a good laugh and was worth remembering.  I also took our little 5-week-old Emmy on the swing and down the slide at the playground.  This page is a glitter paper from the Die Cuts with a View “Animal Crackers” paper pad (8×8″ size cut down); with Kaisercraft Fine & Sunny Collectables and Simple Stories letter stickers.
These photos were quite large and I didn’t want to cut them down …. or remove one entirely from my chapter.  So I just used both on facing pages with simple embellishment to make the photos stand out.  I only added Kaisercraft enamel dots, Simple Stories letter stickers and Kaisercraft Fine & Sunny Collectables.
The final page of the chapter is a cut-down paper from the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection.  I just added a die-cut Butterfly from Bella! with some Twinery twine wrapped around it and Kaisercraft rhinestones stuck on.  The paper was quite bright & busy so I didn’t add anything else.

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    1. Hi Dani! Thank you for your comment 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy this style of scrapbooking as well. I love the way that it is so quick and easy for those of us who love to scrap, but struggle to find time. I’ll have to try the digital style sometime too 🙂

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