Beginner Scrapbooking Layouts: Sleeping Beauty (with OTT Bling)


I will preface this blog post with a disclaimer … as the title suggests, the purpose of this particular layout was to go over the top (OTT) with bling.

At the time of making the layout, my little girl was just a few months old.  She was my third of four children, but our first girl.  I had spent the previous 4 years buying, scrapbooking and decorating kids’ rooms with blue, green, and red.  I was obviously more than a little excited, as a girly-girl myself, to use some pink and pastel colours at last.

Although there was nothing “pastel” about this page …. it’s way out there with the bright pinks and greens.  But Anabelle was wearing the same little Bonds onesie that all of my kids have worn as their first outfit … which of course was blue after having 2 boys first up … so the pinks and greens have also been combined with blues and whites, together with all the glitter and sparkle.

This layout is a proper mish-mash of all the little embellishments that I had been bursting to use for the previous few years.  So to keep it simple, here is a list of what has been used:

The story behind this layout: When my little girl was born, she was awake for a bit under 2 hours, then fell into a deep sleep that spanned two room changes and no attempt whatsoever to be quiet in either one.  We eventually had to wake her up late the next afternoon, after about 13 hours or more, to give her a wash!  Little did we know what was to come, as her personality has now developed into that of a very robust & dramatic little toddler!  But she still trots off to bed voluntarily whenever she is tired, and therefore remains our Sleeping Beauty.




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