Fancy Frames

I have always been a fairly frugal mother.  I had always spoiled my kids with lots of “things”, especially when they had a nanny in our home instead of going to daycare when they were much younger; but I found myself bargain hunting and buying them lots of cheap rubbish instead of investing in nicer things that would last a longer time.  I have since learned my lesson and now buy much less, but of nicer quality.

Having picture frames around the house has always been an everyday part of family life.  We like to surround ourselves with reminders of our precious little angels …. WHEN they were precious little angels.  Similar to my experience with the kids’ toys, I had always bought bargain frames thinking one was the same as any other.  But I have recently discovered that spending good money on gorgeous frames can be worth its weight in gold.

A selection of pretty frames and the photos I’ve chosen to go in them

The above frames were bought at Bed Bath N’ Table in Cairns, Australia.  It has since become one of my favourite stores for nice quality trinkets such as these, and especially for my Easter decorations.

Making picture frames for the home can be just as creatively satisfying as any scrapbooking or craft project.  I enjoy searching through my photos to find the perfect fit for a specific frame, and a certain special place on the wall or furniture bench space.

One of these frames is quite possibly the most beautiful frame I have ever seen in my life,

Possibly the most beautiful picture frame I’ve ever seen! Purchased from Bed Bath N’ Table in Cairns, Australia

and I’m sure the picture does not do it justice.  It was a perfect fit for a picture of my new baby girl, and the sweetness of the little lacquer birds around the edge matches her sweet nature perfectly.

The tiny frame with all the sparkly rhinestones around the edge is a favourite of mine as well – this is the second one I’ve bought after I gave away the first one as a gift to my mother.

There are still quite a number of cheap picture frames sitting empty around my house.  They just don’t inspire me very much to want to fill them.  In fact, I’ve just now decided I’m going to get rid of them and buy some more gorgeous frames like this for my walls and furniture instead!

Another alternative, of course, is to decorate your plain, drab picture frames yourself.  One of my other favourite things to do with photos is to buy large A3 basic frames and collage many photos in them.  Normally with a theme like our most recent holiday, or our wedding, or I also have one filled with pictures of my first born son sleeping everywhere aged 0-3 months (he would sleep anywhere, anytime, all the time!)  I am sure I will blog about those collage frames in the future.

This is just another way that crafty Mamma’s can express our creativity and enjoy our photos and memories every day.

The finished frames with their perfectly chosen photos

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